Advanced Pricing Methods®

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Technology is changing how accountants do business. Artificial intelligence can perform the more routine tasks - the most leverageable work – now performed by accountants and bookkeepers. Blockchain will transform the audit, requiring less time from the auditors. Tax preparers will see similar changes. This means that CPAs can spend more time providing advisory services, which bring greater value to clients.

The APM® process includes a deep dive into the opportunities, challenges and concerns of a prospect. Going beyond audit and tax compliance – services impacted by technology – positions you as more than a “number cruncher” and as an advisor who can help businesses and their owners at every point of the business’ life cycle.

With APM®, you will explore an outcome’s worth with a buyer before proposing solutions. Once both you and the prospect have a clear understanding of the purpose of the work that is going to be done, and the effect the work will have, you can examine the worth from the prospect’s perspective. 

The shift to price based on worth instead of the old charge-hour model requires a whole new skill set. 


As an APM® certified instructor I can teach you the powerful tools and processes of APM® through Fore’s one-and-a-half-day Advanced Pricing Methods® Essential Skills Workshop. You and your team will have the opportunity to use APM® techniques in breakout groups to understand the difference APM® will make for your firm.

Fore’s Advanced Pricing Methods® Essential Skills Workshop teaches you:

  • How to ascertain the most valuable parts of what you do.
  • How to identify scope risks and head them off at the pass.
  • How and why to offer multiple price options instead of a single price.
  • How to use your options as a scope-management tool.
  • How to anticipate and easily capture extra revenue for the additional work that arises.
  • Why it’s advantageous to put your customers in control of their purchases.

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Jean Caragher
President, Capstone Marketing
APM® Certified Instructor

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